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NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neil loves farm life

Posted by Green Fun Store on 11/12/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
When he is not blocking shots and defending the basket from opposing centers 20 years his junior, Shaquille O'Neil has another passion: he loves the farm he has recently settled into since he signed with the Boston Celtics this past offseason.

The Celtics acquired Shaq over the summer and he tells a local Boston news channel that he loves farm life. Shaq says that he has "a nice farm on ten acres." A reporter asked Shaq what a standard farm activity is for the seven-foot tall NBA superstar. On a typical night, Shaq told the reporter that he likes to sit on his "nice little chair" and watch as "wild turkeys, foxes, and coyotes" waltz across his backyard.

His farm is located 30 minutes outside of Boston in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Of his new life, Shaq says that it is "nice and peaceful," and that the switch in teams treats him well. "Great guys, great coach, great city," he says of his newly adopted home. "It's good for an old man to just chill out."

Farm life appeals to people from all walks of life, even NBA superstars who are used to major U.S. cities. The only question that remains: does John Deere make boots big enough for his size-22 feet?