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Jones' museum will feature more than 100 tractors, including John Deere equipment

Posted by Green Fun Store on 9/28/2010
In his collection of almost 230 antique tractors, Keith Jones has a number of John Deere machines.

According to Virginia's Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jones began collecting machines almost 13 years ago. The first tractor he ever restored was a 1952 John Deere M mower, which was owned by a relative.

Now many of his machines will be on display at a tractor museum, whose concept came to Jones a number of years ago. The 70,000 square-foot structure will feature almost 140 pieces of equipment.

"When I got the bug, it bit me pretty bad," Jones said of his tractor collecting hobby.

One of those machines is a 1918 Waterloo Boy, which the paper said is considered to be the first tractor line to be produced by John Deere.

While the grand opening of Jones' large display is set for this week, John Deere said recently it is constructing another museum in Waterloo, Iowa. It will feature the history of the company's tractors, along with the engines that help them run.