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John Deere unveils latest subcompact utility tractor models

Posted by Green Fun Store on 2/23/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere recently unveiled its newest line of subcompact tractors at the National Farm Machinery Show; Deere's product manager, Kevin Branstetter, was on hand to show off the company's latest farm equipment offering and the release had show attendees buzzing.

The 1 Series Subcompact Utility tractor is Deere's newest foray into the burgeoning market for subcompact tractors; Branstetter told the audience at the farm show that Deere plans to release two models, the 1023E and 1026R. The models were specifically designed with the consumer in mind, he said, and will accept a full range of implements - one of which is a mid-mount mower deck that allows the operator to drive over it and auto connect, AG Wired reports.

Moreover, the tractors are equipped with an auxiliary power outlet so drivers can charge their mobile phones while they're on the go. According to Branstetter, the new tractors will be offered at Deere dealerships in the next few months. Nonetheless, farmers in attendance at the show and farm equipment experts said there is huge demand for the tractors as many farmers invest in new farm equipment.