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John Deere takes advantage of the recent agricultural boom

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/18/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
In the past few years, agricultural productivity has been improving on a worldwide level. Prominent nations like the United States and Great Britain are producing more volume month after month, which is one reason why the cost of produce has steadily risen in grocery stores. Not only this, but impoverished countries are receiving more assistance in growing and harvesting techniques. These elements combine to expand Classic John Deere's profit margin, as these farming communities constantly strive for reliable and top-quality equipment.

According to the Financial Times, the major farming equipment manufacturer is expected to reap benefits throughout the entire year. John Deere expects earnings of $2.65 billion in the current financial year, which has risen exponentially since the forecast as of February. Overall sales will increase by 21-23 percent, which is also significantly higher than the previous prediction.

By taking advantage of the farm life boost in India and China, John Deere is finding a growing outlet for its newer and more advanced models. However, sales within the United States are also on the rise, which is extremely important because the country accounts for two-thirds of the manufacturer's sales.