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John Deere sponsors a kids summer golf event

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/28/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
As golf becomes a mainstay for all ages throughout the world, especially with professionals like Tiger Woods shining new light on the sport, enthusiasts are pushing for more innovative approaches to entice the younger crowds. The Golf Distributors Associate of the Philippines (GDAP) is offering free golf lessons to children between the ages of five and 12 who are completely unfamiliar with the sport.

According to, these kids will be instructed by top-notch professionals from the United States and Great Britain, and they'll be allowed to hit balls at the driving range and practice on the putting green.

"We make sure it's going to be a fun experience for all the kids," British PGA David Clayton told the news source. "Especially with the new golf equipment we will be using. We trust that this program will inspire them to continue training after the event."

John Deere has many interests in the sport, especially since several of their specialized tractors are used to maintain the greens and fairways. The major lawn care and farming equipment manufacturer will sponsor the GDAP event along with other prominent companies.