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John Deere plans to make agreements with state governments

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/25/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Now that Classic John Deere is spreading the knowledge and skills of farm life throughout the globe, production is increasing at a growing rate. Heavily populated regions like India are experiencing the highest demand ever for effective farming equipment and reliable tractors. John Deere India, a subsidiary of Deere & Company, is considering the formation of more public-private partnerships (PPPs) with state governments.

According to Business Standard, the major farming equipment and lawn care provider recently entered into a PPP with the Gujarat government, agreeing to deploy 529 tractors for the benefit of marginalised tribal farmers in the region. John Deere currently holds an eight percent share of the Indian tractor market, giving it plenty of room to expand its operations within the region. This will not only provide farm life a boost, but it will also improve local economies.

"The tractor industry in the country [India] is a positive trend over the last five years and we expect it to continue with that momentum," Senior Deputy General Manager of John Deere India, Mahesh Boolchandani, told the news source. "We are expanding our capacities with that hope."