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John Deere offers a tribute to the King of Rock

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/21/2011 to History of John Deere

John Deere is adding to its supply of farm collectibles by producing the miniature of a 4010 model tractor, which was originally built in 1963. This model was owned and operated by Elvis Presley, who passed the time by driving the tractor on his Mississippi ranch. It was also said to be used to maintain the lawn at his Graceland home.

According to Farmers Guardian, the box of the miniature displays a photograph of the Graceland property. As it's now being sheltered at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum at Graceland, in Memphis, the original tractor was fully restored by students at Northwest Mississippi Community College with John Deere's assistance. The real-life model was actually one of the first ground-breaking innovations that made the agricultural provider a household name around the globe. It was specially equipped with a 46A front loader, which was rarely included in diecast tractors.

Now, farmers can finally combine their love of music with their passion for agriculture with a collectible item that can adorn any office or living room.