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John Deere looks to cash in on Indian investment

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/9/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere is looking to expand and drastically increase sales in India by creating a new tractor built just for the region, according to

The company recently received a $100 million investment to develop a 36-horsepower tractor for harvesting the smaller farms that exist in the Indian region. In comparison, most tractors used in the United States utilize nearly 300 horsepower to cultivate land.

"A farmer on one hectare of land could never afford that tractor," Samuel Allen, CEO of John Deere, told Bloomberg. "If you help them mechanize, that helps them go from using an ox to a tractor. They will be able to triple farm income because they will significantly increase production."

Deere anticipates the new trailer to be a huge success and expects its introduction to vastly increase output amongst farms in the region for many years to come. In addition, there is also a program being launched by the company and the government of Gujarat that would allow these products to be shared with local tribal growers.

For land cultivators in India, farm life is about to get that much simpler.