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John Deere invites landscapers to round table discussions and events

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/17/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere reached out to a group of landscapers to participate in round table discussions about the state of the industry and the ways that the company is trying to help, according to Lawn and Landscape.

Landscaping professionals were given a glimpse into how some of the Deere products were made, as well as information on the history of John Deere as a company. In addition, they were able to test-drive a number of products - Z Traks, lawnmowers, utility vehicles, compact utility tractors and construction work site products.

The round table discussions covered four major topics - design and installation, industry overview and finance, landscape maintenance and customer service. In these talks, the landscapers gave feedback on what they expected from a dealer and services that should be offered, but currently aren't available.

Among the biggest requests were equipment maintenance and a strong relationship with a dealer. “There’s nothing worse than having a piece of equipment break down on site,” Brian Anderson of Homefield Advantage Lawn Care, told the news outlet.

Once again, it appears that John Deere is looking to improve Ag life for everyone that it can these days.