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John Deere introduces new FarmSight technology

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/8/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere had a major announcement at the 2011 Commodity Classic - the famous tractor manufacturer introduced it's new John Deere FarmSight program to the world.

The suite of programs are integrated to provide farmers and business owners with a comprehensive solution that will help them to organize and maintain their farming business.

“The John Deere FarmSight global suite of solutions uses integrated, wireless technology that links the equipment, owners, dealers, and agricultural consultants to provide even more productivity to your farm or business,” Jerry Roell, director of the FarmSight program, said at a recent press conference.

The program is organized into three main categories - machine optimization, logistics optimization and Ag decision support. By providing all of these services in one functional program, FarmSight hopes to improve efficiency within farms all across the country. The system also encourages those farmowners who have not yet digitalized their business to go ahead and do so with the help of the intuitive setup of the program.

With this new program at the helm, farm life just got a whole lot easier.