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John Deere drip line unveiled in Australia

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/26/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
John Deere selected the country down under as the base of operations for its newest piece of farm equipment: Australia was chosen as the first country to commercially manufacture and supply a drip line product that is aimed to appeal to the irrigation industry on the continent.

The John Deere D5000 flow-regulated drip line took more than five years of research and development to create and will be produced at John Deere Water's Melbourne production facility, the company said. The managing director for John Deere Water Australia and New Zealand, Peter Wanckel, said the "worldwide launch of a drop line product in this country reflects John Deere Water's commitment to the Australian agricultural sector as growers strive for increased irrigation efficiency improvements."

The John Deere D5000 is available in sizes up to 27mm in diameter, effectively making the drip line suitable for the long run lengths that many vineyards, cotton fields and almond crops require. Local farmers can't wait to use the newest tool from the farm equipment giant, affirming that the drip line's resistance to clogging is one of its biggest assets.