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John Deere dealerships initiate a true merger

Posted by Green Fun Store on 4/25/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
The most recognizable name in the farming equipment industry is expanding internationally and domestically at an amazing rate. Innovative approaches and beneficial agreements are allowing the company to reach out to a broader customer base. In the prairie lands of the Great Plains, two prominent John Deere dealerships have announced their intent to merge, according to the Sun Telegraph.

Kay Jan, Inc, which is based in Fort Morgan, Colorado, is merging with 21st Century Equipment from Bridgeport on May 1st, which will make farm life more cohesive throughout the region.

"This is not an acquisition of one company by another," Owen Palm, the soon-to-be Chief Executive of the firm, told the news source. "We're creating an even stronger John Deere dealership with the expertise, market breadth, knowledge and financial footings to provide our customers with an even more robust, reliable and responsive local resource."

This merger has gone smoothly so far, as the leaders of the individual companies have come to realize how similar their business values and cultures are. Farming residents in Nebraska will also benefit from this merger, as 21st Century Equipment has locations in several towns throughout the western portion of the state.