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John Deere announces plans for an engine factory in China

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/24/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Farm life has been in flux for centuries, but now it seems that the culture is steadily on the rise around the globe. Major equipment manufacturers like John Deere contribute to this beneficial globalization, which spreads information about proper growing and harvesting methods to unskilled laborers in impoverished regions. With populations steadily growing in nations like China and India, Classic John Deere is expanding its operations to accommodate the demand. The manufacturer has recently announced that it will build a factory in China for the purpose of engine production.

According to the Quad-City Business Journal, the Moline-based Deere company claims that the new factory represents an investment that's worth $60 million. This is announced nearly a week after John Deere exposed its plans to build a separate plant in the Heilongjiang Province.

"John Deere aspires to deliver great products to our customers around the world," Deere's chairman and chief executive officer, Samuel Allen, told the press. "This engine factory will allow John Deere to deliver increased technology for China customers while leveraging enterprise investments and engineering resources in China."