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Illinois festival features John Deere tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 9/28/2010
John Deere tractors, and other pieces of equipment produced by the company, are often featured at fairs and shows across the country.

For example, John Deere machines were among 15 pieces of equipment on hand during the Huntley, Illinois, Fall Fest. The event is put on by the city's park district and is used as a way for it to raise funds for its projects, according to a report from the Daily Herald.

The show is run by Jerry Nepermann, park district vice president, said the show gives children in the area the chance to learn about its farming history. He told the paper that it is important for younger people to understand the town's roots, which he is a part of having grown up on a dairy farm.

"It's just to show off and let the kids see them, because a lot of kids have never seen them," Nepermann said.

Many festivals in the U.S. feature older tractors for that exact purpose. As farming communities accept new residents, many may not have a background in farming.