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High school students learn dangers of texting while driving with John Deere four-wheeler

Posted by Green Fun Store on 2/9/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Many states have passed laws to stop motorists from texting while driving, citing the dangers that arise from the practice. In Ohio, some high school students got a lesson on the dangers of texting while driving as part of a course they took at the Olentangy High School in Lewis Center.

The Olentangy High students started the education campaign after they conducted a survey at the school that found that 75 percent of both teachers and students admitted to sending a text at least one time per day while driving. "We saw it as a big issue in our community," student Candace Dove told The Columbus Dispatch.

Along with her fellow marketing group members, Dove started a campaign to curb the potentially lethal practice among the school's faculty and students. To demonstrate the dangers, the marketing group set up a course outside of the school that challenged students and faculty members to drive a John Deere four wheeler while texting a phrase.

Though only one of the cones that was set up was hit, the students who organized the event said they hoped it would help people to think before they text. If students had instead been driving a car while texting, "I think the majority of the students today would have gotten into an accident," Dove asserted.