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Florida town prepares for farm toy show and tractor parade

Posted by Green Fun Store on 2/4/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Residents of Newberry, Florida are excitedly awaiting this coming weekend: Although there has been unseasonably cold weather in Florida this winter, the town's Lions Club is scheduled to go on with its 19th annual Farm Toy Show and Antique Tractor Parade - just in time for the 80 degree weather meteorologists have forecast.

The event will take place at the Oak View Middle School; the parade is a beloved tradition in the town and residents look forward to it every year. Organizers of the parade affirm that it offers a little something for everyone, with dealers displaying and selling hundreds of farm toys and farmers from the area taking to their John Deere tractors and putting on a show for school kids and adults alike.

Moreover, the event is inexpensive for adults and free for children - music to the ears of many residents. The North Florida Antique Tractor Club will display used tractors and antique models for parade-goers to check out first-hand, and later in the afternoon members of the group will take to their antique tractors and drive down the town's streets.

Members of the Lions Club told the North Florida Herald that the money made from the farm life themed day will benefit charities that work to end preventable blindness.