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Farm life skills help man transform used tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/17/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
If you want something done right, sometimes it is best to do it yourself. Mark Altemeier, a farmer, did just that when he invented the Farmboy three-point after he realized that he might have to buy a new tractor for a three-row John Deere planter he had purchased to help harvest his vegetables.

A thrifty farmer, Altemeier told the Cincinnati Enquirer that instead of buying a trailer that would have cost him an arm and a leg, he instead transformed his used tractor into the Farmboy three-point. Using his farm life knowledge and a bit of planning, he said he created a piece of "farm equipment almost out of thin air."

Humble as always, Altemeier affirmed that "farmers fix everything, I learned a lot about that lifestyle at a young age." His hitch invention ultimately permitted him to use his rough terrain vehicle (RTV) as a small tractor, eliminating the need to buy an expensive new one. "I really wanted to make the RTV more versatile for farm use," he said.

Altemeier also asserted that the tool will help him to farm more effectively in the future and give his fledgling business, Foster's Farm Market, a chance to grow. "After I put the hitch on it I used it for planting sweet corn, green beans and pumpkins," [he] said of his farm equipment.