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Farm and Ranch expo showcases latest advancements in farm life technology

Posted by Green Fun Store on 12/1/2010 to Current News/Events of John Deere
In Amarillo, Texas, farmers are gathering for the 26th annual Farm and Ranch show, a showcase for technological innovations in farming.

Taking place in the Amarillo Civic Center, the exhibition includes nearly 500 companies from five states, all showing off their latest agricultural products. Nearly 30,000 farmers will take a break from their John Deere tractors and farm life obligations to peruse the various exhibits. Ultimately, many of the farmers assert that the expo will keep the panhandle's agrarian economy churning as farmers trade tips and learn about the newest advancements in farm technology.

Jason Andrews, a local Texan farmer, affirms that he come to learn from the other attendants. By talking to other farmers, "you get their ideas and try to figure out what they're doing right that perhaps you're not so that you can just kind of gain some knowledge from them," like how to "streamline your operation to make everything more profitable."

U.S. farm income is at near-record levels and farmers hope that technological improvements will enable them to continue to reap higher profits. Investing in new farming technology is a critical component of a farm's future success and something its organizers hope the show accomplishes.