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Fall tractor tips from John Deere

Posted by Green Fun Store on 8/31/2010
John Deere recently provided some lawn care advice to a New York paper looking to help its readers as the fall months approach.

According to The Daily News, consumers who are thinking of putting away their John Deere tractor or other equipment may want to think twice, as autumn does provide some opportunities for taking care of a lawn.

For example, representatives from John Deere told the paper that consumers may consider aerating their lawn by attaching special pieces of equipment to the back of their machines.

"In place of spiked shoes or spray-on liquids, options includes plug aerators, spike aerators and thatcherators that easily attach behind a tractor and removes plugs of soil from 2- to 3-inches deep," the paper said.

Fall may also present a time when people can create mulch from dried leaves. It is also a good opportunity to get some fertilizing done, which could pay dividends when spring rolls around.

When spring does finally come, consumers could be in line for doing some maintenance on their pieces of John Deere equipment. That would include changing spark plugs and making sure cutting blades are sharpened.ADNFCR-3425-ID-19933573-ADNFCR