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Facebook page for John Deere growing

Posted by Green Fun Store on 9/28/2010
John Deere has long hit milestones when it comes to producing farm equipment.

However, the company also showed significant growth from the social media side of things recently. According to, the farm equipment producer gained 181,400 fans of its Facebook page last week.

The goal of the page is to give John Deere fans a place to connect and talk about the company's products. Many companies have turned to social media sites like Facebook to achieve the same goal.

For example, movie companies often create pages for upcoming releases to encourage interest. Musicians may do the same when getting ready to premier a new song or album.

Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture has created online areas for people to share stories tied to its Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food program. The goal is to connect people with their local producers, and the purpose of the site is to share success stories and advice.

When it comes to technology, John Deere has made recent advancements in its precision ag offerings as well. These may provide farmers with more efficient and cost-effective farming techniques.