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Dunedin Venues and John Deere announce new partnership

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/31/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
Dunedin Venues and John Deere have announced a new partnership, according to the New Zealand-based website

Under the provisions of the new agreement, Drummond and Etheridge (also known as Golf and Turf) will provide John Deere turf management gear to Dunedin Venues for their New Zealand-based products.

Both sides are extremely happy with the financial and technical aspects of the deal. "With the experience and knowledge within the Dunedin Venues turf team, combined with the John Deere products and equipment, the Stadium pitch will deliver outstanding events for the whole community," said David Davies, CEO of Dunedin Venues.

While the process of making the deal a reality was extremely comprehensive and time-consuming, both companies feel that it will help make their business more formidable for the long-term. For Dunedin Venues, the prospect of merging with one of the world's largest turf equipment providers was enough of a draw in itself.

For the people of New Zealand, the improvements to farm life that this partnership offers will make sure that agricultural in the area is never the same.