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California man to retire from state life to farm life

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/5/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
In California, a state worker is set to retire this year after never having taken a vacation for more than a week during his tenure as the public works director for San Joaquin County.

Turning 66 next month, Tim Flinn decided it was time to get away from the hectic days he works and retire to his farm, an 18-acre ranch in Victor, California. Flinn affirms that he loves farm life and that he is excited to spend his twilight years on his secluded property with Flash, his Jack Russell terrier.

Flinn served in the public sector for 34 years, doing tasks as varied as repairing roads in Marin County and working in the BART metro rail tube beneath the San Francisco Bay. Flinn is an integral part of the county's management, overseeing 20 divisions, 380 employees and a $76 million budget.

Flinn plans on tending to his farm when he retires on January 18 and says that he is contemplating purchasing a John Deere tractor to help him on his land. Currently, there are grapevines and cornfields, but he hopes to add more kinds of vegetables in the future.