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California farm auction features antique John Deere tractor

Posted by Green Fun Store on 2/7/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
In California, farmers from around the state and the country are excitedly awaiting an auction of antique tractors and other farm equipment that will be held in Santa Ana.

This coming Saturday, every item is slated to be auctioned off; Auctioneer Tony Mitchell DeZago said the items are in high demand because of their pristine quality and their scarcity. "One guy from Colorado said he's coming in with a 70-foot trailer," DeZago told The Orange County Register.

Farmers and collectors are hoping to get their hands on some of the big-ticket items that will auctioned off at the event, which include a 1924 Ford stake-bed truck and a John Deere Model D orchard-style tractor with armor that is designed to shield the tractor's interior gadgetry from orange tree boughs.

DeZago affirmed that the farm items have mostly been untouched for the last two decade, providing the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to secure a piece of farm lore. ""No one's been in here, nothing's been picked through," he said. "This is a picker's paradise. The first time I walked through here, I was amazed," he said.