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Antique tractor helps farmer crush the competition

Posted by Green Fun Store on 1/20/2011 to Farm Lifestyle
Some men are born tough: B.L. "Buck" Gandy is one of them. Gandy, 87, is a lifelong farmer who has competed in tractor competitions in his native North Carolina for decades.

Every year, Buck competes in tractor pulling competitions. He pulls a 35,000-pound sled that is attached to his used tractor, a 1940 Farmall model. Buck told South Carolina Now that the pulls are done with his tractor in first gear, affirming that he reaches speeds of up to 13 miles per hour as he drags the sleds.

"I don't see nothing but first place," he said, noting that he "finished in first place the first time I ever pulled. That made me feel real good." The competition he faces at the tractor races are often young farmers who "can't stand for me to beat them," Buck jokingly asserted.

The sled pull competitions are restricted to tractors that were built before the year 1966; Buck's antique tractor has helped him to win some 200 trophies over the years, with most of those coming from first prize finishes.

The pulling season lasts from March until November in both North and South Carolina, and Buck declared that competing in tractor pull contests helps him stay mentally and physically fit: "I’m as healthy as I am because I ain’t no couch potato. I’ve got to be doing something. I’ve got to be on the go."