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An annual tractor show goes with a John Deere theme this year

Posted by Green Fun Store on 5/25/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
If there's one thing Classic John Deere can be extremely proud of, it's the continuity of reliable products that have never ceased to satisfy customers around the globe. With a strong reputation that's only amassed over the decades, John Deere has given farm life such a boost that the company has become entrenched in rural tradition. For this reason, farmers are especially excited about antique tractor models that demonstrate the endurance of the major farming equipment manufacturer.

According to The Daily Times, in East Tennessee, the 14th Annual Foothills Antique Tractor and Engine Club Show will feature John Deere tractors this year. Items on display will include models that have been fully restored, as well as those that still operate in full capacity on farms. Live entertainment and demonstrations from the past - such as blacksmith work - will be part of the agenda this year as well.

The main highlight of this year's show will be a silent auction that proceeds the displays. Children will also be encouraged to participate, especially after the show when tractors will be pulled to the local school for additional viewing.