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Restored John Deere tractors steal the show at Ag Event

Posted by Green Fun Store on 3/9/2011 to Current News/Events of John Deere
At the North Dakota Winter Show last week, it was the restored John Deere tractors that made the best impression on attendees, according to Machinefinder.com.

The vehicles proved that they still had some power left in the tank during the Old-Time Tractor, which took place in Jamestown. The event, much to John Deere's liking, attracted many younger enthusiasts who had been born after their own John Deer machinery had been made. Naturally, they were interested in seeing just what these tractors can do.

The event was also popular with those that didn't work or live on a farm. "I don't farm so this is all we use it for," nearby resident Lyle Zachmeier told the Jamestown Sun. "It's kind of my way to spend time. It's a great hobby, I try to come here every year."

With countless tractors lasting decades at a time, it's clear why John Deere remains a favorite amongst people all over the world.  

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